Rokoko brought to life

Press comments

The singers were all highly professional and acted magnificently [...]
I always consider events particularly exciting when the protagonists act among the audience thus involving them into the story.
With a certain hint of coquetry, Claudia Ziegler (the host) manages to integrate her guests, she playfully "teases" the gentlemen and promotes the ladies into the status of her allies. I have not experienced many events that are suited for both a romantic evening and an incentive. Opera al Dente is definitely one of them [...] What is most appealing – this Opera is by no means as stiff as the word opera might suggest.

(Platzpirsch Kulturblog)

[... ]The amusing story [...] convinces with excellent singers [...] The singers, all in costumes of the period, spread their acting across the entire room by walking around and between the guests. Their outstanding vocal performance can thus be experienced as surround-entertainment and provides a most rare and satisfying enjoyment [...] a musical delight with a fantastic choice of aries, a Must for both the opera lovera and newcomer.

(k2 Kulturmagazin)