Rokoko brought to life

What is Opera al Dente?

A musical delight [...] a must for both the opera lover and newcomer

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Opera al Dente is an exciting celebration of Rokoko times

transferred into today´s world, with gorgeous costumes, avant-gard whigs, and sumptuous decoration.
Four singers and one actress accompany the menu from the antipasti to profiteroles with arias from Puccini, Verdi, and Mozart.
Tenöre - Opera al Dente
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Additional orginal recordings from Opera al Dente

Opera redesigned: fresh, bold, and cheerful – simply al dente.

Be it „clacking“ mail carrier, groom, mistress or wedding party – the audience itself is the story´s protagonist and thus provides the singers´ framework for the musical delicacies around love, lust, and passion. Opera al Dente creates a most complete opera entertainment, a blend of musical and culinary treasures with sensualty and humor. The ladies are introduced to the elegant art of flirting with a fan, the gentlemen learn how to make a perfect bow.

Opera al Dente worships opera as it was orginally thought to be: the audience an enthusiastic party, and the excellent singers right in the middle of it.